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Omeletes - Breakfast Menu

Cheddar Cheese with Choice of...


Egg Whites
Cheddar Cheese Omelete Meat (Select 1):Bacon Ham Pork Sausage Chorizo Chili Beans
Breakfast Potato (Select 1):Hash Browns Cottage Potatoes
Breakfast Bread (Select 1):Small Pancake White Toast Wheat Toast Biscuit Biscuit & Gravy Cottage Cheese +$1.50Tomatoes +$1.50Fruit +$1.50
Omelete Additions (Optional):Fresh Sliced Avocado +$2Cheese +$1.89Vegetables +$1.89Sour Cream +$1.89
Additional Meats (Optional):Bacon +$2.99Sausage Link +$2.99Sausage Patty +$2.99Turkey Sausage Patty +$2.99Jalapeño Bacon +$2.99Chili Verde +$2.99Smoked Ham +$2.99German Sausage +$2.99Italian Sausage +$2.99Linguica +$2.99