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Build Your Own...

Choice of two meats and two vegetables (mozzarella cheese already included)

Regular $9.99Alforno $10.99Alfredo $10.99Alfredo Alforno $11.99
Calzone Meats (Select 2):Pepperoni Ground Beef Italian Sausage Bacon Canadian Bacon Salami Linguica Chicken
Calzone Vegetables (Select 2):Artichoke Hearts Bell Peppers Broccoli Chopped Garlic Jalapeños Fresh Mushrooms Black Olives Green Onions Red Onions Pineapples Spinach Roma Tomatoes Zucchini
Additional Toppings (Optional):Pepperoni +$1Ground Beef +$1Italian Sausage +$1Bacon +$1Canadian Bacon +$1Salami +$1Linguica +$1Chicken +$1Artichoke Hearts +$0.75Bell Peppers +$0.75Broccoli +$0.75Chopped Garlic +$0.75Jalapeños +$0.75Fresh Mushrooms +$0.75Black Olives +$0.75Green Onions +$0.75Red Onions +$0.75Pineapples +$0.75Spinach +$0.75Roma Tomatoes +$0.75Zucchini +$0.75